Multi-Wall Paper Bags, BOPP Bags

Multi-Wall Paper Bags

A wide variety of standard sized and custom paper sacks normally utilizing layers of high-performance extensible paper with an attached pasted valve. Plastic films are sometimes used between the layers to act as a barrier for moisture prevention. Multi-wall paper bags are regularly used to package products such as building materials, chemicals, and other industrial markets.


Biaxially oriented polypropylene films (BOPP) are laminated woven polypropylene that allows for vivid, high gloss graphics while maintaining superior tensile strength. In this process, a reverse-printed film is stretched in both machine and transverse directions and is laminated to the woven fabric. The resulting materials offer enhanced barrier properties to water vapor and oxygen, as well as increased endurance and clarity. The BOPP bags are utilized to package pet food products, birdseed, animal feeds, and other animal nutrition type ingredients. 

About Bulk Matrix

As a supplier utilizing the most advanced production facilities in the world, Bulk Matrix LLC provides a comprehensive portfolio of all FIBC Types A, B, C and D. This includes food and pharma grade, anti-static, UN certified and industrial clean applications. All of our materials and finished goods are tested and certified by global third party organizations. Bulk Matrix LLC offers the most advanced certifications in the industry including AIB, BRC, and ISO22000.

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