Powder and Bulk Handling Products

PFA is now a stocking distributor for OZB. They manufacture very high quality components for handling dry powder and bulk solids. Visit their web page www.ozb-usa.com and contact us for a free quote.

Screw conveyors are used in many different fields for feeding, handling and dosing of bulk solids.

OZB brand screw conveyors offer longer service life and durability by utilizing superior production technology and material properties in conveyor flights manufacturing.

Standard OZB screw conveyors are produced as tube type, U-type and vertical type. In addition, special conveyors are available for different industries and customer requirements.

SCS-SCSR: Tubular type screw conveyors for cement and similar materials in batching plants or similar applications.

SCSI: Galvanized tubular screw conveyors for ice flakes in batching plants or similar applications.

SCR: General purpose tubular type screw conveyors.

SCP-SCE: Tubular type screw conveyors for heavy – extra duty operating conditions.

SCV: Tubular type vertical screw conveyors.

SCX: Tubular type screw conveyors made of stainless steel.

SCU: U type screw conveyors.

AIRFILL brand filters provide a filtering area between 6m² to 36m² and are produced with body diameters of 400mm, 600mm, 800mm.

AIRFILL filters comprises of;
• Jet-pulse cleaning system• Jet-pulse cleaning system
• Stainless steel body and weather protection cover
• Cartridge type filter element
• Easy-to-reach external control panel
• Silo mounting flange as standard.

In addition;
• Stainless steel seal frame• Stainless steel seal frame
•Stainless steel silo flanges,
• 0,75kW to 2,2kW fan on filter
• Hopper units and similar options are available.

OZB valves can be used in silos, hoppers, weighing hoppers, inlet and outlet of screw conveyors and other similar applications.

OZB butterfly valves are designed as single or double flange types and are supplied with patented o-ring channel and seal for maximum impermeability.

Butterfly valves are available from 100mm to 400mm diameter.

BV.F…NN: With EPDM disc
BV.F…AF: With stainless steel disc valves are available.

Bin activators are used for assisting the extraction of powders and granules from storage tanks.

OZB bin activators are made of carbon steel and produced in diameters ranging from 1000mm to 1800mm.

Stainless steel options are also available.

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