Bag Fillers

Valve Bag Fillers

Valve Bag Fillers are basically divided into three styles. These are air, impeller, and auger valve bag packers. Each style has various models. Product, production rates and weight accuracy desired determine the best model to use.

All valve bag fillers are gross weighing and performance is greatly depending on product and proper feed hopper to filler. For best production rates, weight accuracy and minimal dust it is very important to have correct valve bags. This means they are sized for the product that is being filled and the type of construction of the bag, meaning paper, valve size, and if needed perforations. Proper bags are most important if using automatic bag placer.

Chantland Model 4210 PowderMatic Pneumatic Filler 

This filler is designed to fill valve bags with dry free flowing pelleted, granular, powder products. It is used in a variety of industries such as fertilizer, aggregates, seeds, minerals, and many other non-abrasive products. It is available in mild steel as well as all product contact stainless steel. Is has either mechanical or electronic weighing and options such as automatic bag start and automatic bag discharge.

Chantland Model 2010 PS Pneumatic Filler

This is the premium air packer for valve bag filling of abrasive or semi-abrasive products. These products include but not limited to sand, dry mix concrete, stucco, block mortars, topping mix, heavy sanded repair products, brick mortars, aggregates, minerals, fertilizer. The model 2010 PS air packer uses a low-pressure high-volume blower to pneumatically fill valve bags. Rates for 50 lb. bags are 6 to 18 bags per minute depending on material. Weight accuracy will be +-3oz. to 6oz. depending on product and packer surge hopper.

Available with mechanical scale or electronic weighing and optional auto bag start, auto bag discharge, clean out butterfly valve, plug stack or fluo design.

Chantland Model 4010 Impeller Packer

This impeller packer is primarily used for filling valve bags with powdered products from 100 mesh to over 325 mesh. They are used for bagging fine products like gypsum, limestone, talc, cement, clays, marble, cement and sand mixes, or any mineral that is a fine mesh. They have also been used for fine sanded products such as thin-set, grouts. Repair products and flooring products. They have optional auto 18 bags per minute with a weight accuracy of 3oz. to 6oz. depending on product and bag weights. Options include automatic bag start, automatic bag discharge, abrasive wear package, and mechanical or electronic weighing. Rates of 6 to 10 bags per minute are available on 20 lb. to 110 lb. valve bags.

Chantland Model 4190 Weighmaster

This packer is designed to fill non-abrasive products in valve bags.  These are very popular filler for the food, seed, fertilizer, mineral, and related industries. Product rates up to 5 valve bags per minute and has optional automatic bag clam, automatic bag start, and automatic bag discharge. They are available in mild steel and stainless-steel product contact for food-grade applications.

Automatic Valve Bag Placer

Chantland Model 4410 is for placing valve bags on one or two spouts and the Model 4420 is for placing bags on three spouts. Placer is designed to work with paper valve bags and poly valve bags. Rates up to 14 BPM.

Open-Mouth Bag Fillers

Designed to fill open-mouth bags, boxes, pails, or drums with dry bulk products. Available with scale beam or electronic weigh systems. They come in single or duplex scale and by gravity, auger, vibrating, and belt feed. 

Model 4200

A gross weighing, high-speed, gravity type, open-mouth bagging scale. Designed to bag free flowing materials such as granulars, feeds, and course powders.

Model 4234

Gross weighing, open-mouthed, bagging scale.

Model 4198

Heavy-duty gross weigh auger bagger for filling open-mouth bags, boxes, and drums with dry powdered, pelleted or granular materials.

Rite-Weight Open-Mouth Bagger

Series 2011

Automatic high-speed, net weighing open-mouth bagging scale.



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